Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PYSANKY the colourful art of decorating Easter Eggs

this beautifully decorated egg came from the Ukraine when my daughter went over there a couple of years ago for a running marathon! because of these spectacularly decorated eggs i became inspired to try it. so i bought a kit and proceeded to teach myself and my kids to create a work of art. hence the result of that.

these were done years ago when my children were small. so i got out the kit once more this year and had three of my four grandchildren over this weekend and taught them this art.

and this is their creations

two on the left was done by my oldest grandson, the next one by my 7yr old grandson ( he wanted to make fire) and i think he managed that nicely and the last one by my grand daughter. they enjoyed learning the art and enjoyed themselves a great deal and so did i! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thoughts of the day

back in 2010 i decided to blog. i was very much excited about it and it was going so well i decided to start a second blog and it started to go pretty good but then life began to get very hectic. I could not focus on anything but my life and all it's needs so i did not have the time to pursue the commitment of keeping up with two blogs so i took a break. My last child graduated and finally moved out this year. So i'm an empty nester now. Now I have time to reconnect with my blogging world.

Well i think i'm going to stick with the random thoughts and posts for this blog. I will most likely post pictures of my creations with food in which i love to photograph, possibly my big back yard and other interests of mine.
This is chicken soup. it is something different every time i make it but one thing for certain it always has chicken in it!

Anyways...while on my walk today i was thinking about my autobiography. Someone said to me the other day...'why would i write an autobiography?' after i had suggested to her she should write hers. 
I said, so your kids can know you a bit more after all you got the privilege to know them since they were born wouldn't you want them to know you when you were born?' 

well...i'm starting mine. I have 55 years of memories and experiences to record. My life wasn't exciting by no means but it is mine!  until next time! :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I have had a long absence from blogging and i am glad to be back. It was much needed. Many things in my life has changed but all for the better i'm sure. One of the things that is different is that I am now an empty nester. It is a bitter sweet feeling. Anyways, i thought i would post a few recent pictures of our frosty winter weather.

the last one i thought was kind of interesting. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am here in Jasper, Alberta Canada for five days. My daughter is at a dance camp so I thought I would take advantage of the time and go away too. Although I am by myself I am thoroughly enjoying it for I am taking the time to reflect, get inspired and to blog. And this is what I wanted to share with you today.

I went for a walk along the railroad side of the street. It was sunny with a few clouds and fairly warm. The railroad is on the left side of me just over the bank and the main road is to the right. you wouldn't know it from the pictures I took would you?

I passed a few cyclists along the way and couple walking while holding hands. There a man who had found a spot on a small hill and there he sat with camera in hand. I think he to was getting inspired.

although this walkway was situated along the main highway that goes through town you can still find some moments of peace. But I had been walking for a good hour and a half and it was time to head back to my room.

My walk was two hours today. I am now stiff and quite sore but it was worth it. Looking forward to quiet time in my room writing.